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Prevention is Better than Cure


The “Scratch and sniff cards” are on display next to our reception desk for the general public to take away. Our visitors include regular school visits, college students, and many adult groups. They are a fantastic and novel addition to our prevention talks about gas safety in the home.

Cumbria is a very rural county and the gas scratch and sniff cards, purchased from St Andrew Print, have been invaluable to helping to promote and inform those most vulnerable to the dangers of gas in these rural areas.

The facility of the smell crystals attached have undoubtedly helped in educating those in relation to the message, coupled with the education of what to do when the smell of gas becomes apparent within the property.

This has helped reduce properties previously calling 999 in the first instance as the card leaves robust information about what immediately to do and the contact numbers to utilise first to alleviate it becoming a 999 incident.

Alan and his team provide a first-class service.

They really listened to us on our design needs, coming up with great design alternatives after listening carefully to what we need to have as a business.

They delivered a first-class service and our tenants are benefiting from the information we have provided to them.

Fife Council contacted St Andrew Print in connection with the supply of Gas Scratch and Sniff Cards to help raise awareness during Gas Safety Week and also as part of our Better Homes Exhibition to be held in March 2018. Costs were extremely competitive alongside impeccable service and prompt delivery.

The scratch n’ sniff gas cards recently purchased from St. Andrew Print were delivered on time and within a few days that the order was placed.

The scratch n’ sniff cards gave our customers good examples of how to respond in gas escape situations by providing sample smells and important phone numbers on who to contact in gas leak circumstances.

Cards were sent out with annual gas servicing appointment letters reaching some 250 homes directly.

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Gas Networks Ireland runs a primary school science programme called Energize.

We added the scratch and sniff cards as a handout with our programme last year and have had great feedback from students and teachers alike.

Students bring the cards home so the whole family can learn what natural gas smells like and to call the national emergency number if they smell gas.

We use the smell of gas scratch and sniff cards predominately at safety talks with Yr6 students – it has really helped us give some context to the subject for the students and given us the confidence that the children will be able to identify the smell of gas in the future.

The students have loved the pop-up and word search elements also and the stickers have enabled the learning to be an interactive experience.

Our scratch-and-sniff cards which demonstrate what gas smells like were very popular, especially with the Rainbows, aged five-seven.

The girls learned what a gas leak smells like and to call the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999 if they ever smell gas.

We ordered the Natural Gas Fragranced Scratch & Sniff Cards from St Andrews Print Solutions as part of our gas safety awareness campaign. The cards arrived promptly, well packaged and in good condition.

We distributed them throughout the week, we had a great deal of interest from staff and customers alike.

All in all they were a cost effective and successful way to help raise awareness of the dangers of natural gas without any risk to the tenants. I would absolutely recommend them to any organisation interested in promoting the safe use of gas.

I would like to thank Alan and his team for all the work they did on the Scratch and Sniff cards. Without his hard work and persistence, we would never of gotten the cards ready for Gas Safety Week (GSW20). St Andrew Print’s workmanship and quality is outstanding, and I look forward to working with them in the near future.

Cartrefi Conwy Housing is using scratch and sniff cards to help warn tenants to be on their guard for leaking gas by handing out thousands of gas safety leaflets to tenants, giving realistic whiff of what a gas smells like and at-a-glance advice on what to do if they suspect they have a leak.

This colourful leaflet has already proved a big hit with everyone who has received a copy with one hailing it as a potential lifesaver.

Explaining the importance of the scratch and sniff panel on the new safety leaflets Cartrefi Conwy’s Responsive Repairs and Gas Inspection Manager Jon Beer said: “Natural gas doesn’t actually have any smell at all which is why it is given a strong synthetic smell by suppliers so people can easily detect it if they have a gas leak at home.

“But if they’ve never had a gas leak people won’t have any experience of the smell and that’s why we have sent out the leaflets incorporating the scratch and sniff panel. Hopefully, when they try it out it will give them an idea of what to expect if something does go wrong.

“The leaflet also tells them what to do and who to call if they do smell gas in their property. We’re still in the process of distributing copies to all our tenants but those who have tried them so far seem very impressed.”

Jon added: “As it’s our statutory duty and also because tenants’ safety is of prime importance to us we carry out an annual gas boiler service at every one of our properties."

We loved the scratch and sniff cards at Curo, they are a good tool to get people talking and made people aware of what steps to take should they smell Gas.

St Andrew Print were able to customise them to our branding and we had the Gas Engineers hand them out whilst completing the Annual Servicing, this was a really effective way of distributing them across a wide range of customers.

Teign Housing has used the Gas fragranced scratch and sniff cards as part of our pro-active approach to raising and maintaining awareness across the organisation of the importance of Gas Safety in our homes, and in particular to encourage our customers to help us maintain 100% compliance by assisting with access arrangements for annual Gas Safety testing to be carried out.

Prevention is Better than Cure

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